The seven best Business Book for 2018 for small online businesses

Talking about New Year’s Resolutions – I guess I am still in time, right? – I have so many, as everyone but there is one major one, that sets the tone for all others and that is to have less New Year’s Resolutions. As a...

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This is a hymn to beauty.

I have always been thirsty for beauty. I grew up surrounded by it and it became a necessary part of my being. The beauty of the little country village where I grew up, the river, Milan and its palazzi signorili, Italy and its unparalleled heritage....

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Meet Stefania

This journal is the trail of a wanderer. It’s about discovery and wonder and a constant search, near and far, for beauty in all its embodiments. I have been many things in my life, but I certainly am a nomad at hearth and a philosopher at soul. After many years spent in Africa, three years ago I have come back to Europe where I run Nabatea, an online concept store where I have gathered all the treasures I have found during these many years of travels.

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