The Inspiration

Nabatea is a concept store where we have gathered the hand-picked treasures of our many travels around the world: beautiful, rare, unique, exceptional high-end creations of designers, artisans and artists which cannot be found on the high street and are the result of years of wanderings and an endless passion for beauty in all its forms. That’s why our collections have a flair that goes beyond boundaries, time and categories, outside the restrictions of any definition.

In Nabatea’s magic wardrobe you will find eclectic, extravagant, eccentric and exclusive fashion, accessories, art and home décor: a melange of items of rare beauty, skilfully crafted, designed to tell stories of far-away lands and enrich our daily lives with the memories they embody. Outside all trends, our pieces are collectibles, treasures of a lifetime, fragments of wearable art. From hand-made jewellery, to fashion accessories, to housewares and art, they provide a buying experience which feeds our deepest aspirations.

As Nabateans used to travel the oceans on board of their dhows and cross the desert with their caravans to carry the exotic treasures of the East to the West, we are on a journey of discovery of beauty in all its expressions and declinations. We hunt for the unusual and the unknown and we carry our cargo of wonders: the silks and the cashmeres, the beads and the gems, the pearls and the exotic leathers – to share with you our cargo of the world’s wonders from which we can all find endless inspiration and create a style of our own, fed by the many cultural encounters and aesthetic experiences we come across, we embrace and transform in a personal interpretation.