Carmela’s Masala Chai

There are dishes and drinks that forever take you back to a specific moment of your life, that every time meets you as it first was, like days, months and years hadn’t passed. In that moment, time lies still and you relive a crystallised fragment...
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An Explorer’s Dream on Lake Como

  Villa del Balbianello 

I get asked a lot about what to visit in the area of the Great Lakes of Northern Italy by friends and by clients. There is so much to see that they want recommendations of what they should prioritise since...
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A Journey Within: Exploring Creativity And Self-Growth In The Tuscan Countryside

I normally try to take one journey within at least once or twice a year. As a creative, I feel it is vital to stay inspired, boost my creativity and grow professionally and personally. In May, I attended the Brand Stylist Retreat  in Mallorca where Fiona...
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Ancient Egyptian Perfumes: On The Trails Of The Lost Fragrances Of The Pharaohs’ Queens


The ancient Egyptians were famous all over the ancient world for their perfumes. Have you ever wondered how those fragrances might have smelled? What were the preferences of the time? What perfume would queen Cleopatra wear to seduce Caesar...
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An Indian Safari: 2 Days In Jaisalmer And The Thar Desert

The Safari Definition and Style

Safari is a Swahili word derived from the Arabic language and is used to describe any type of overland journey. During the first half of the 19th century, English explorers altered its meaning. At some point, its definition was...
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Why I Don’t Use Guidebooks to Travel

Inspiration: The First Step to Trip Planning

When I plan a trip, first and foremost, I need inspiration. The exact itinerary and its logistics come after. I first need a story that is full of life and gives me a reason to visit a destination....
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How To Travel In The Wanderlust Style

The Wanderlust Travel Style

There are many ways to travel and many reasons to do it. Some people travel by chance, some for choice, and some for work. Some people have a clear reason for traveling, while others have none. Nevertheless, each way of...
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  MY EXPERIENCE WITH MONEY   If you are like me, you probably have some issues with money. For starters, you don’t even like numbers, right? It's ironic, because I have an MBA and have been running my own business for 15 years; yet, I...
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A Window Into The Past

We recently spent three days in a hidden corner in the south of Italy at the foot of Gran Sasso Mountain. This is an area that hasn't really been touched by development or the modern world. It's never...
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Three Days in Luxor

The World's Largest Open-Air Museum   If you are thinking of visiting Egypt for the first time and not see Luxor, think twice. Luxor is located approximately 500 km south of Cairo and was the capital of Ancient Egypt for...
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My Top 5 TV Shows 

This can be a hot topic of conversation at the dinner table, one that may really get heated. TV shows become best friends; they are almost equivalent to "family members”(forgive me for the metaphor), with people tending to stand by them and defend them with serious...
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50 of The Best Movies To Watch Over and Over Again (I Know I Have!)

These are, for me, the 50 best movies I have watched and continue to watch over and over, without ever tiring of them. Take a look and let me know if any of these are on your "watch and repeat" list! Oh, and just so you...
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Meet Stefania

This journal is the trail of a wanderer. It’s about discovery and wonder and a constant search, near and far, for beauty in all its embodiments. I have been many things in my life, but I certainly am a nomad at hearth and a philosopher at soul. After many years spent in Africa, three years ago I have come back to Europe where I run Nabatea, an online concept store where I have gathered all the treasures I have found during these many years of travels.

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