Handmade Basket With Beading On Leather Handles



Basket made out of natural fibres with leather handles, crafted by hand in Kenya – Leather handles with multicoloured beading on handle. These Baskets are known as “Kikapu” in Kenya.
By purchasing this product you are supporting a local community in Kenya and making an eco-friendly choice at the same time.

“The kikapu you are purchasing is the one in the main (first) image. Some of the following images may be from similar baskets and we hope they suggest how the kikapu looks like when it is lived and in use, but please refer to the first image to know how exactly the product you are selecting looks like.”

“ These kikapus are entirely hand woven from natural fibre and all the decoration work, in leather and/or beaded, is handmade. Expect slight variations in the colour hues of the fibre and in the sizes of the decorations. Handmade creations cannot be replicated precisely and identically as industrial ones and we believe this is their charm and added value. We hope you feel the same”.

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Designer: Nabatea

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Product Description

Basket – leather handles with multicoloured beading on handles

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